People Magazine, September 28th, 1998.

"Picks and Pans" CUPID

Forget what you know of Jeremy Piven from his supporting roles on Ellen and The Larry Sanders Show. When you see him on the Sept. 26 premiere of Cupid, you'll think he must have been sedated on those other series. Playing a guy who turns up in Chicago claiming to be the Roman god of love, Piven is an irresistible force -- mercurial, mischievous and impossibly glib. The character says the higher ranking deities, dissatisfied with his job performance, have ordered him to make 100 lasting matches before he's allowed back in their good graces. With no weapon but his wit -- his superiors confiscated his bow and arrows -- he acts like a comic intent on getting 100 laughs in one hour. If he falls a little short, it's not for lack of effort.

We're eager to see what develops between Piven's character and an attractive psychiatrist (Paula Marshall) who views him as a potential book subject. Would a relationship of his own count toward Cupid's quota? But he has so many other romances to arrange. We'd hate for Piven to step discreetly into the background while happy couples clinch.

Bottom Line: You may fall for this one