TV Guide, September 5th 1998 (Canadian Issue)


Premise: Anyone who suggest there's nothing new on network TV ought to plunk themselves down in front of this hour-long romantic drama, the story of a smart-mouthed, out-of-work Joe who lands in a Chicago psychiatric hospital claiming to be he god of love. (No, not Barry White -- Cupid, played by Ellen's Jeremy Piven.) He informs his doctor (Paula Marshall, Spin City) that the other gods have booted him from Mount Olympus and ordered him to do community service, fixing up 100 couples. Dr. Allen eventually releases her patient and helps him get a job bartending, whereupon Cupid starts to use his little arrows on the establishment's regulars.

Pedigree: Director-executive producer Scott Winant was a supervising producer on thirtysomething. Co-executive producer and creator Rob Thomas began his TV career writing for Dawson's Creek. And executive producers Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn created ad produced the late-night cult hit, Duckman.

Assets: Producers are obviously hoping Piven cand be for Cupid what Bruce Willis was for Moonlighting -- a snarky, smouldering leading manwho can skewer and seduce with equal skill. That remains to be seen. But anyone who remembers the actor fromThe Larry Sanders Show and Ellen knows he can bring real comedic energy to the right role.

Liabilities: The pilot had a few sharp moments, but was very slow, and at times seemes like a bloated,one-hour sitcom.

Bottom Line:Networks seldom give long shots much of a chance these days. And Cupid is definitely a long shot. For the show to work, Piven as to get very hot, very fast.


--(Again, don't know who wrote it)