Entertainment Weekly, September 10th, 1998

"Fall TV Preview" CUPID

CONCEPT Ellen grad Jeremy Piven (above right) is a Cupid banished to Earth to unite 100 couples before he can return home to Mount Olympus.

THE SCOOP Quirky good in a season full of quirky-bad shows, Cupid has a strong costar in Paula Marshall as Piven's psychiatrist, who's drawn to her hunky patient despite the very good chance he's a nutball. Exec producer-director Scott Winant, who worked on My So-Called Life and thirtysomething, says: "We're all hungry for true romance and true connections. We have two [main] characters with divergent points of view, but they're united in trying to help others strengthen their own relationships." Says Piven more simply, "I'm going to make Saturday night safe for good people to stay home and watch TV."

BOTTOM LINE Piven grounds this potentially loopy show with a flinty, garrulous performance. The trick will be in steering Cupid from romance anthology-of-the-week, reducing him to wisecracking matchmaker.

--(No credited author)