Big Picture, Fall 1998 (Volume I, Issue III)

What happens when the God of Love loses his bow and arrow?

"Non-stop clothing-optional party. Everyone's beautiful, drinking wine, chasing nymphs. An amaaaaaazing place. You have no idea." That's life on Mt. Olympus says Trevor Hale (played by Jeremy Piven fron Ellen), in session with his shrink. He's on the psych ward because he thinks and acts like he's Cupid

His shrink, Dr. Claire Allen (Paula Marshall), also runs a singles therapy group. She's been lookingfor a follow-up to her book on love in the 90s and, well, this guy's got a pretty convincing obsession.

This lively, caustic romantic comedy created by newcomer Rob Thomas and produced by Scott Winant (My So-Called Life, thirtysomething) is written and directed like poetic quicksilver. One minute you're shrouded in Greek mythology and heartful wit (upid advises going for love even if it won't work out -- "have a beautiful train wreck"), then you're hit with pop theory, modern fears, and the sad truth that men just don't dance anymore.

For Thomas, 32, it's been "an unbelievable year." An accomplished book author (Rat Saw God, Slave Day), he moved to LA in 1997 from a 'burb near Austin, Texas, to write for Dawson's Creek. "When you're working on a new hot show in Hollywood, suddenly everyone wants to read your stuff." Getting up to 50 calls a day, he worried that if he didn't handle this right, he might end up "parking cars."

While Cupid may be at risk of being brainier than your average fare, it's a timely, fun, romantic fix. Premiere: September 26th -- Saturdays at 10pm - ABC, Global.

--(if someone can tell me who wrote this, it'd be appreciated, as it wasn't listed anywhere in the article or magazine)