Just In Case: This game is in no way endorsed by any person or organization associated with the tv show CUPID. Nor is it advocating or encouraging underage drinking (please refer to Rule #2 and adhere to the substitution at all times.).

The Rules:
  1. You MUST have fun while playing the game (sorry, no exemptions).
  2. Alcohol, although preferable, is not necessary to play; feel free to substitute another beverage of your choice, or any food staple (junk or otherwise) that you have a craving for.
  3. 1 drink = 1 sip/mouthful of your beverage/food choice.
  4. As a safety precaution, you must swallow one drink before taking the next. Sorry, no choking allowed.

1 drink at every greek mythology mention/site gag.

1 drink every time there is a Singles Group Meeting.

1 drink for every singles group member you know by name.

1 sip everytime every time Trevor is in, or mentions Taggerty's. 3 drinks if Claire's at the bar with him.

1 drink for every Trevor/Claire banter scene. Chug if Trevor is left speechless, or concedes that Claire is right.

2 drinks for any and all pop culture references (better sit down, you're gonna drink!)

1 drink at every mention of Trevor's godly powers.

1 drink for every audition Champ goes on. 3 drinks if he gets the part.

1 drink if Trevor gives Claire the once-over/checks her out.

1 sip when Trevor makes physical contact with anyone (sit down would you? He's a touchy-feely guy)

1 drink if Trevor makes physical contact with Claire. Finish your drink if Claire initiates the contact. (Just contact, no horizontal action required).

1 drink at every sexual innuendo.

1 drink for every match (you decide which are true love).

1 drink for every matchmaking *scheme*. 2 drinks if Champ or Claire take part in it (willing or unwilling).

1 sip if either Claire or Trevor are wearing cranberry, pink or some offshoot of red. 2 drinks if neither are. (Either way, you're gonna do some heavy drinkin')

2 drinks if Claire orders Trevor around like a dog (Come. Sit. Stay.) Chug if he obeys on the *first* command.

1 drink if Claire says "You are NOT Cupid" (or something dead similar).

I guess if goes without saying that if Trevor and Claire hook up (in the horizontal sense) you are to finish any and all alchohol you can get your hands on.

From AEEstes@aol.com

Finish beverage if another god appears on the show (ex: Zeus, Aries, Pan, etc.)

Chug to heart's content if said god influences the current 'scheme' (helping or hindering).

Two entire drinks if said god has sex.

Chug if said god brags/teases Trev. about this....double amount if said god finds real love.

Invite friends over for a binge-fest if there is any cross-over (even a dream episode) from Xena or Hercules (or X-Files, or Pretender...).